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Welcome to United Kenpo Karate Academy
"Best of the West in Discipline & Academic Achievement"
Our principle here is to perpetuate the art of Kenpo Karate with passion & integrity, in hope of changing the lives of our students in a positive way and best of all, to serve others with Respect & Sincerity.
We specialize in the Positive Character Development of our children, self-defense, and physical fitness.  Classes are fun, exciting, and challenging.  Our training is self paced allowing everyone to progress at their own rate while developing your self-esteem and confidence.  Our school promotes a "family" environment that is open to all members of the family to participate.
We offer classes for children between the ages of four and six called Lil Dragons that teaches them the basics of Kenpo Karate and emphasizing character building, developing the ability focus, self-control, Honor, Respect, and Discipline.
For young adults ages 7 to 14, we have a youth program and for adults ages 15 and up, we offer an adult program.
We invite you to join us and check out our school, You'll be glad you did.
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Please check our Facebook page for any announcements and schedule changes
Senior Grand Master
Bill Packer
1946 - 2005
Grand Master
Lee A. W. Sprague
1960 - 2014
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As many of you are aware, getting word out to everyone on changes and espcially urgent messages such as wether closings have been hit and miss.

We have too many e-mail lists and they are not in sync, causing some of us to not get the word. So here is what we are now doing.

First we have established a school ALERT system. This is primarily using text messaging but can include e-mail for those who choose it. Please pick up instructions on how to subscribe at the school or get in our February issue of our newsletter.

Second, we are going to develop a master e-mail list that will be used for the school, and to update Mr. Phan's and Mr. Bourne's e-mail lists. Please contact Mr. Bourne at the school to confirm or update your information. There is a form in the Feb newsletter you can use.

UKKA now has a NEWSLETTER. A few of you picked up a copy at the school, and the February issue is now out. To get a copy you can:
1) Pick up a copy at the school while supplies last.
2) Download from this site.
3) Subscribe to have the newsletter sent to you by e-mail. To get this option, just send an email to with the message "SUBCRIBE".

BLACK BELT CANDIDATE TESTING. We are now raising funds to help our Black Belt Candidates pay for their test. We are selling 2 items, these items are good at any Krispy Kreme location.

The first item is a Buy One Get One card. You buy 1 box of 12 glazed doughnuts and get a second box of 12 FREE. Each card can be used 10 times, with a savings of about $90.00. Each card sells for $20.

The second item is a Krispy Kreme Certificate that is good for purchase of one box of 12 glazed doughnuts. Each certificate sells for $10.00.

So please support our Black Belt Candidates and order your card(s) or certificate(s) from any Black Belt Candidate or from the Front Desk at the school.
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